As part of “Heaven Knows, Flower Grows”, Thomas Barger has created a white bronze sculpture depicting a claw. This piece originates from an exhibition titled “Heaven Bound” held at the Shaker Museum. In conceptualizing this sculpture, Barger draws inspiration from the notion of elevation in his work, as well as the urban environment of New York with its towering skyscrapers, evoking the concept of paradise. The sculpture crafted by Barger takes the form of a claw, composed of five sharp points and featuring a central hole. Its dimension is reminiscent of a melon, while its enigmatic shape can evoke both a flower and a crustacean stealthily moving in the depths of the ocean. This artwork embodies Barger’s exploration of contrasts, portraying both a submissive connection and an angry hand clenched in a claw. Through this sculpture, Barger invites us to question notions of opposition and duality, while engaging in a deeper reflection on the contradictory aspects of our existence. His exploration of symbols and forms transports us to a space where emotion, intellect, and spirituality converge.




White bronze


36 × 35 × 24 cm


Signed and numbered
Edition of 8 + 4 artist’s proofs
Certificate of authenticity
Screenprinted wooden box