Ocotillos are in bloom. Flowers dance in a psychedelic farandole. Butterfly, inexhaustible protective figure, spreads his flamboyant wings whose patterns with big flowers like suns lead us into a real waking dream. The furrows left by Daniel Gibson’s brush are reminiscent of a weaving. In Dancing Butterfly, Gibson’s lively work, the vegetation reflect the light through clever selection of metallic threads and the satin flowers seem to be in full bloom.

Daniel Gibson chose to turn to a traditional French medium, made in Felletin, the world capital of tapestry. Full of textures and details, the motifs Gibson uses, although contemporary and culturally distant, echoes the vegetal themes used in the tapestry of yesteryear: the “Verdures”, which purpose was to escape the cold seasons by masking the windows and create new openings.




Woven tapestry


142 × 133 cm


Edition of 8 + 4 artist’s proofs
Certificate of authenticity
Invisible hanging system