Creator of fictional ancient artifacts, Kazuma Koike titles his work as an archaeologist would, using the material, the date of realization, here BZ210827, BZ for Bronze and 210827 for the date when the bronze was patinated. Large crossbred bear cats with a generous and shiny black patina, whose edges are hand-brushed to magnify the bronze matter. The mischievous subject with an elusive look sticks out its tongue at the observer as if to play. Many painters have drawn tigers in the Edo period but there was no tiger in Japan at that time. Amazing tiger paintings of this period were made with reference to chinese paintings, furs brought back and cats. This resulted in the drawing of very special tigers as imaginary creatures. “When I draw animals, I always try to make animals which do not exist. something in between animals and gods, maybe”. BZ210827 probably originated somewhere between Osaka and Paris.




Patinated and handbrushed bronze


13,5 × 10 × 11 cm


Edition of 20 + 4 artist’s proofs
Signed and numbered
Certificate of authenticity
Screenprinted wooden box