Los Andes celebrates a place filled with affection and desire for Natalia Arbelaez, a place that serves as the wellspring of her roots and personal history, while also significantly evoking the history and culture of the Andes. This artwork embodies the rich cultural diversity of both Colombia and Peru. It features three characters with expressions that are simultaneously joyful, playful, and authentic. Their genuine smiles and expressions evoke the golden funerary masks of the Muisca of Colombia, while also bearing the marked influence of American cartoons, a consuming passion of the artist since her childhood. The use of polished bronze in this artwork constitutes a significant homage to Colombia, renowned for its abundant gold production. The earthy patina employed also carries symbolic meaning by celebrating the earth, sporting a rich orange hue reminiscent of clay, another abundant resource. This color directly alludes to the ceramic work in the Andes, highlighting the importance of this craft in the region’s culture and history. Los Andes strikes a subtle balance between individuality and the concept of a group. Designed as a living artwork, this creation encourages active engagement and interaction from the collector. The three heads can be separated or combined to form a totem, providing the collector with the opportunity to craft their own narrative.






Modular dimensions:
16,5 × 6,2 × 7,6 cm

5,9 × 5 × 5,4 cm
8,6 × 5,8 × 6,7 cm
9,4 × 6,2 × 7,6 cm


Signed and numbered
Edition of 12 + 2 artist’s proofs
Certificate of authenticity
Screenprinted wooden box