I put my foot on the table as I please by Anna Aagaard Jensen is a sculpture that embodies a powerful statement. This artwork can only be placed on the edge of a table, demanding both balance and strength. The act of placing her “foot” - a high-heeled shoe - on a table, where it doesn’t belong, not only goes against etiquette and good manners, but also asserts her authority in certain situations. I put my foot on the table as I please represents a simple yet resolute gesture characterized by its intrinsic power, balance, and grace. It is a subtle act of rebellion. The sculpture itself testifies to the artist’s defiance of conventional norms and her willingness to challenge established boundaries. By placing the foot in an unconventional context, Anna Aagaard Jensen confronts societal expectations and questions the limitations imposed on individuals. The deliberate position of the sculpture creates tension and instability, further highlighting the audacity and determination behind this act. The artwork serves as a visual metaphor for asserting one’s presence and autonomy in spaces where submission is typically expected. It challenges conventions and opens the door to reflection on how we can assert ourselves in social and cultural contexts that often seek to contain us.




Polished bronze


57 × 40 × 17 cm


Edition of 5 + 2 artist’s proofs
Signed and numbered
Screenprinted wooden box