Dynamics is favoured as an entry point in the reading of the work. The subject is created as a technical division, a temporal division allowing to approach the stroboscopic immobility of the gesture. Bomma Gallery was delighted to dive into Taku Obata universe, combining a fascination for hip-hop culture with references to traditional Japanese knowledge in order to present in Paris a porcelain edition entitled “Bboy JIKI” and made in Limoges.
This realization is in line with the artist’s work combining traditional and digital techniques. First sculpted in camphor wood and scanned, it was printed in 3D and reworked to reach the desired shape, then entrusted to a porcelain factory. The work thus brings together Japanese ancestral know-how and French tradition through a network of manual and digital tools.




Limoges Porcelain


18,5 × 27,5 × 17 cm


Edition of 30 + 10 artist’s proofs
Signed and numbered
Certificate of authenticity
Screenprinted wooden box